Page 3: Hot dogs and fiction books

Page 5: Cheese and bedsheet deaths

Page 7: Margarine and Maine divorces

Page 9: Chicken and paper

Page 11: McDonald's satisfaction and deaths by choking

Page 13: Tea and lawnmowers

Page 15: Beef lighting

Page 17: Taco bell and oil

Page 19: Garfield and potatoes

Page 21: Fish and KFC

Page 23: Soybeans and email spam

Page 25: McDonald's and non-edible fishery product

Page 27: Tree nuts and Domino's pizza

Page 29: Brad Pitt and ice cream

Page 31: Shrimp and sharp glass

Page 33: Tuna and Canadian CO2

Page 35: Fats, oils, and VCRs

Page 37: Milk and vinyl

Page 41: Undergrads and televisions falling

Page 43: CompSci and comic books

Page 45: Bees and Russian nukes

Page 47: Sharknadoes

Page 49: Science funding and suicides

Page 51: Spelling bees and spiders

Page 53: Law books and bikes

Page 55: Biology PhDs and cafeteria food

Page 57: Engineers and string cheese

Page 59: Philosophy books and bored lawyers

Page 61: Sociology and space launches

Page 63: Ozone and bridges

Page 65: Herbs and bankruptcy

Page 67: Landscaping and cigarette smoking

Page 69

Page 71: High schoolers and sour cream

Page 73: Engineering and World of Warcraft

Page 75: Hurricanes and draft picks

Page 77: Harvard and Valentines day pet gifts

Page 79: Stats tests and chlamydia rates

Page 83: Dads and Disney

Page 85: Nuclear pregnancies

Page 87: Pets and liquor sales

Page 89: Religion and drownings

Page 91: Days of our Lives and death row

Page 93: Cataclysmic f*cks

Page 95: Symphonies and pot

Page 97: Kentucky marriages and fishing boats

Page 99: Alcohol and bridges

Page 101: Literature and hangings

Page 103: Big Bang and Argentina

Page 105: UFOs and imprisonment

Page 107: Basketball and fireballs

Page 109: American Idol and New Hampshire UFOs

Page 111: Texting vs. the Postal Service

Page 113: Two and a Half Men and the stock exchange

Page 115: Best Oscar and the West Nile

Page 117: Sex and unemployment

Page 121: Cruise revenue and piracy

Page 123: Gas prices and Texan lawyers

Page 125: Victoria's Secret and cigarettes

Page 127: Basketball and breweries

Page 129: Christmas gifts and drug arrests

Page 131: Space LEGOs

Page 133: Pizza and hackers

Page 135: Cosmo and coal

Page 137: Krispy Kreme and minivans

Page 139: Video games and Mass. UFOs

Page 141: Shoes and Everest

Page 143: Facebook and wind power

Page 145: Harleys and fertility

Page 147: German cars and UFO cigars

Page 149: Canada and postcards

Page 151: BINGO and houseplants

Page 153: Pandora and Yankees batters

Page 155: Microsoft and PACs

Page 157: Oil and travel books

Page 161: Bruce Willis and exploding boilers

Page 163: Rachel Weisz and pajamas

Page 165: Ben Affleck and pesticides

Page 167: Kobe Bryant and immigration

Page 169: Morgan Freeman and nose surgery

Page 171: JLaw and ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ

Page 173: Natalie Portman and Christmas trees

Page 175: Nic Cage and swimming pool drownings

Page 177: Drew Brees and airline complaints

Page 179: Chris Evans and earthquakes

Page 181: Lionel Messi and Marvel

Page 183: Harrison Ford and patents

Page 185: Liam Neeson and Walmart

Page 187: LeBron James and crocodiles

Page 189: Keira Knightly and king crab