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Data source: Google Trends
Additional Info: Relative search volume is a unique Google thing; the shape of the chart is accurate but the actual numbers are meaningless.

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Popularity of the 'scumbag steve' meme correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Air pollution in Vincennes, Indianar=16yrsNo
Google searches for 'Gangnam Style'r=0.9812yrsNo
Associates degrees awarded in Business and managementr=0.9711yrsYes!
How 'hip and with it' LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.979yrsNo
Master's degrees awarded in Educationr=0.9510yrsNo
The number of loan interviewers and clerks in Nebraskar=0.9417yrsYes!
Total comments on Vihart's YouTube videosr=0.915yrsYes!
Total likes of Vihart's YouTube videosr=0.915yrsYes!
Google searches for 'i cant fall asleep'r=0.7218yrsNo

Popularity of the 'scumbag steve' meme also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Bachelor's degrees awarded in gender studiesr=0.9510yrs372
Popularity of the first name Brynnr=0.917yrs366
The number of technical writers in West Virginiar=0.9316yrs352
The number of university philosophy and religion teachers in Georgiar=0.9117yrs350
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg.comr=0.9410yrs337
Google searches for 'Jennifer Lopez'r=0.8718yrs336
Popularity of the first name Brynr=0.8817yrs334
The number of university biological science teachers in Mainer=0.9117yrs320
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg on Tuesdaysr=0.9310yrs316
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg on Mondaysr=0.9210yrs314
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg on Thursdaysr=0.9210yrs314
The number of university economics teachers in West Virginiar=0.9116yrs310
Associates degrees awarded in Business managementr=0.9411yrs310
Associates degrees awarded in Educationr=0.9411yrs300
The number of statistical assistants in New Hampshirer=0.9213yrs297
Total views on PBS Space Time YouTube videosr=0.949yrs292
Master's degrees awarded in Transportationr=0.9410yrs290
The number of financial examiners in South Dakotar=0.914yrs285
Votes for Republican Senators in Massachusettsr=0.956yrs281
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg on Fridaysr=0.910yrs281
Master's degrees awarded in Library sciencer=0.9310yrs278
How geeky LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.919yrs278
Global shipwrecks r=0.889yrs268
The price of goldr=0.879yrs265
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg on Wednesdaysr=0.8710yrs262
Bloomberg Money Stuff articles about insider tradingr=0.8610yrs260
Total views on Vihart's YouTube videosr=0.8815yrs259
How geeky MrBeast's YouTube video titles arer=0.8912yrs248
Master's degrees awarded in Liberal artsr=0.9210yrs247
The number of bridge and lock tenders in Michiganr=0.8917yrs246
Freezing temperatures in Phoenixr=0.866yrs238
The number of interpreters and translators in Pennsylvaniar=0.8917yrs236
Total views on minutephysics YouTube videosr=0.8713yrs236
Associates degrees awarded in Accountingr=0.9111yrs235
Google searches for 'why is the sky blue'r=0.8518yrs228
The number of orderlies in District of Columbiar=0.9311yrs226
Associates degrees awarded in Engineering technologiesr=0.9111yrs225
The number of orderlies in Kentuckyr=0.9311yrs216
Average views of SciShow Space YouTube videosr=0.8910yrs206
The number of college sociology teachers in Mainer=0.8817yrs205
Air pollution in Wilmington, Ohior=0.887yrs203
The number of special education teachers in New Mexicor=0.9211yrs195
How nerdy MrBeast's YouTube video titles arer=0.8612yrs193
Hydopower energy generated in Algeriar=0.8316yrs193
Popularity of the first name Alainar=0.8317yrs191
The number of middle school special education teachers in Marylandr=0.8717yrs184
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Social sciences and historyr=0.8810yrs181
Air pollution in Rutland, Vermontr=0.8416yrs176
Air pollution in Altoona, Pennsylvaniar=0.8218yrs175
The number of cabinetmakers in Montanar=0.8717yrs174
McDonald's American Customer Satisfaction Index Scorer=-0.9217yrs173
Biomass power generated in Qatarr=-0.9910yrs172
Master's degrees awarded in literaturer=0.8810yrs171
Solar power generated in North Macedoniar=-0.9711yrs170
The number of movies Channing Tatum appeared inr=0.7318yrs166
Google searches for 'pick up lines'r=0.8318yrs165
Average length of LockPickingLawyer YouTube videosr=0.869yrs165
The number of music directors and composers in New Jerseyr=0.8717yrs164
Ecopetrol's stock price (EC)r=0.7715yrs162
Associates degrees awarded in Businessr=0.8811yrs160
Portion of all US dairy skim-solids allocated to the production of butterr=0.7716yrs160
Global revenue generated by McDonald'sr=0.7317yrs158
How insightful LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.869yrs155
The number of construction equipment operators in Utahr=0.8717yrs154
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Educationr=0.8710yrs150
Google searches for 'vihart'r=0.818yrs150
Air pollution in Alexandria, Louisianar=0.8217yrs144
Associates degrees awarded in Business operationsr=0.8711yrs139
Google searches for 'zombies'r=0.7918yrs139
Popularity of the first name Masonr=0.817yrs136
Associates degrees awarded in Criminal justice and correctionsr=0.8711yrs129
Jet fuel used in Liberiar=0.7516yrs128
Popularity of the first name Quincyr=-0.917yrs126
The number of midwives in Indianar=0.911yrs122
Associates degrees awarded in Legal professions and studiesr=0.8711yrs119
Popularity of the first name Chynar=0.7917yrs115
The number of labor relations specialists in Pennsylvaniar=0.911yrs112
Google searches for 'how to cure a hangover'r=0.7918yrs109
Associates degrees awarded in Visual and performing artsr=0.8511yrs106
Popularity of the first name Aaliyahr=0.7617yrs100
Google searches for 'Vihart'r=0.7917yrs98
The number of adhesive bonding machine operators in South Carolinar=0.8813yrs91
Popularity of the first name Macir=0.7617yrs90
Google searches for 'facebook'r=0.7518yrs83
Master's degrees awarded in Social sciences and historyr=0.8510yrs82
Popularity of the first name Aubrier=0.7517yrs79
Popularity of the first name Sophiar=0.7417yrs68
Average number of comments on Numberphile YouTube videosr=0.8213yrs53
How fun Deep Look YouTube video titles arer=0.8410yrs28
Average views of PBS Space Time YouTube videosr=0.849yrs17
How trendy Extra History YouTube video titles arer=0.8212yrs7
Bachelor's degrees awarded in social servicesr=-0.9710yrs-19


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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