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Data source: Google Trends
Additional Info: Relative search volume is a unique Google thing; the shape of the chart is accurate but the actual numbers are meaningless.

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Popularity of the 'i am once again' meme correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Popularity of the first name Giannar=0.9717yrsYes!
The number of bailiffs in Kansasr=0.9417yrsYes!
Google searches for 'takeout near me'r=0.918yrsYes!
Points scored by the Buffalo Billsr=0.818yrsNo
Air pollution in Boise Cityr=0.7117yrsNo

Popularity of the 'i am once again' meme also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Air pollution in Houghton, Michiganr=0.9915yrs392
Air pollution in Jackson, Wyomingr=0.9716yrs390
Air pollution in Crescent City, Californiar=0.9615yrs388
The number of farm equipment mechanics in New Hampshirer=0.9612yrs382
Total length of MinuteEarth YouTube videosr=0.9511yrs376
Electricity generation in Liberiar=0.9316yrs373
Google searches for 'adopt a cat'r=0.9118yrs372
Electricity generation in Niuer=0.9116yrs370
Air pollution in Longview, Washingtonr=0.9615yrs358
The number of biological technicians in Tennesseer=0.9117yrs350
The marriage rate in Montanar=0.9116yrs348
Air pollution in Jackson, Wyomingr=0.9712yrs346
Average length of MinuteEarth YouTube videosr=0.9211yrs341
Solar power generated in Cambodiar=0.916yrs338
The number of psychiatric technicians in Indianar=0.9116yrs318
Total length of Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.913yrs310
The number of set and exhibit designers in Alabamar=0.9213yrs307
Biomass power generated in Ukrainer=0.9113yrs307
Air pollution in Santa Cruz, Californiar=0.9415yrs305
Renewable energy production in Saint Vincent/Grenadinesr=0.8816yrs296
Air pollution in Crescent City, Californiar=0.9115yrs290
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Armeniar=0.916yrs286
The average number of likes on Tom Scott's YouTube videosr=0.8615yrs276
Votes for Democratic Senators in Georgiar=0.926yrs276
Votes for Republican Senators in Georgiar=0.916yrs275
Votes for Republican Senators in Hawaiir=0.916yrs275
The number of consultants in Missourir=0.917yrs268
Solar power generated in Omanr=0.949yrs258
The number of conservation scientists in South Dakotar=0.8917yrs256
Air pollution in Payson, Arizonar=0.918yrs252
Biomass power generated in Kazakhstanr=0.939yrs246
The number of biological technicians in Hawaiir=0.8817yrs245
Average number of comments on Matt Parker's YouTube videosr=0.8513yrs242
Air pollution in Corpus Christi, Texasr=0.8915yrs238
The number of forest fire prevention specialists in Oregonr=0.8817yrs235
Air pollution in Topeka, Kansasr=0.8816yrs227
Global Payments' stock price (GPN)r=0.8518yrs226
The number of food and tobacco roasting, baking, and drying machine operators and tenders in Oregonr=0.8817yrs225
Electricity generation in Dominicar=0.8716yrs224
The number of interior designers in Hawaiir=0.8717yrs214
Air pollution in Longview, Texasr=0.966yrs214
Wind power generated in Argentinar=0.8616yrs212
The number of social work teachers in North Carolinar=0.8717yrs204
Fossil fuel use in Dominicar=0.8616yrs202
The average number of likes on LockPickingLawyer YouTube videosr=0.889yrs198
Google searches for 'where can i stream friends'r=0.8418yrs196
xkcd comics published about sciencer=0.8117yrs196
The number of logisticians in Idahor=0.8717yrs194
Popularity of the first name Giannir=0.8517yrs194
US household spending on home maintenancer=0.8417yrs194
Popularity of the first name Keanur=0.8417yrs192
Hydopower energy generated in Guinear=0.8616yrs192
Fiserv's stock price (FI)r=0.8218yrs192
Mastercard's stock price (MA)r=0.8217yrs191
Annual US household spending on processed vegetablesr=0.817yrs188
Average number of comments on LockPickingLawyer YouTube videosr=0.889yrs188
The number of college computer science teachers in Colorador=0.8617yrs182
Solar power generated in Malaysiar=0.8615yrs182
The number of boiler operators in Idahor=0.8617yrs172
Hydopower energy generated in Saint Vincent/Grenadinesr=0.8616yrs172
Air pollution in Natchez, Mississippir=0.946yrs171
Google searches for 'n95 mask'r=0.8418yrs166
Average number of comments on Technology Connections YouTube videosr=0.869yrs165
The number of cardiovascular technicians in Pennsylvaniar=0.8617yrs162
TransDigm Group's stock price (TDG)r=0.8217yrs161
Solar power generated in Mexicor=0.8516yrs161
Popularity of the first name Kaceyr=0.8217yrs160
Air pollution in Oklahoma Cityr=0.97yrs159
Google searches for 'Mr. Beast'r=0.8318yrs155
Wind power generated in Norwayr=0.8516yrs151
Copart's stock price (CPRT)r=0.8118yrs150
Popularity of the first name Billier=0.8217yrs150
Average number of comments on Tom Scott's YouTube videosr=0.8515yrs150
Air pollution in Lawton, Oklahomar=0.917yrs148
Google searches for 'who is alexa'r=0.8117yrs141
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Rwandar=0.8716yrs141
CoStar Group's stock price (CSGP)r=0.8118yrs140
Popularity of the first name Frankier=0.8117yrs138
Total length of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.8317yrs138
The number of nurse practitioners in Alaskar=0.911yrs132
ANSYs' stock price (ANSS)r=0.8118yrs130
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Nigeriar=0.8616yrs130
Google searches for 'do vaccines work'r=0.7918yrs129
Popularity of the first name Robbier=0.8117yrs128
Fair Isaac's stock price (FICO)r=0.8118yrs120
Petroluem consumption in Armeniar=0.8516yrs118
The number of log graders and scalers in North Carolinar=0.8617yrs112
Adobe's stock price (ADBE)r=0.818yrs109
Average length of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.8117yrs106
The number of pediatricians in Alaskar=0.8616yrs101
Autodesk's stock price (ADSK)r=0.818yrs99
Solar power generated in Saudi Arabiar=0.910yrs92
The number of marriage therapists in Illinoisr=0.8517yrs90
Seagen's stock price (SGEN)r=0.8118yrs89
Sysco's stock price (SYY)r=0.818yrs79
VeriSign's stock price (VRSN)r=0.7918yrs68
HEICO's stock price (HEI)r=0.818yrs58
Air pollution in Walla Walla, Washingtonr=0.8517yrs38


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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