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Data source: Google Trends
Additional Info: Relative search volume is a unique Google thing; the shape of the chart is accurate but the actual numbers are meaningless.

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Popularity of the 'drake' meme correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Air pollution in Paducah, Kentuckyr=17yrsNo
The number of logisticians in Iowar=0.9617yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Corar=0.9617yrsNo
Biomass power generated in Latviar=0.9616yrsNo
Electricity generation in Colombiar=0.9516yrsNo
Food spending in Floridar=0.9515yrsNo
The number of massage therapists in Colorador=0.9517yrsNo
Restaurant spending in Floridar=0.9515yrsNo
Gasoline pumped in Naurur=0.9516yrsNo
Restaurant spending in Tennesseer=0.9415yrsNo
Restaurant spending in Missourir=0.9415yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Roser=0.9417yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Charlotter=0.9417yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Scarlettr=0.9317yrsNo
Google searches for 'cat memes'r=0.9318yrsNo
Wind power generated in Canadar=0.9316yrsNo
Google searches for 'Rachel and Ross'r=0.9116yrsNo
Muenster cheese consumptionr=0.9116yrsNo
Revenue of US Broadcasting Industryr=0.9116yrsNo
Automotive recalls issued by Chryslerr=0.9117yrsYes!
The number of movies Margot Robbie appeared inr=0.8416yrsNo
The number of firefighters in South Dakotar=0.8313yrsNo
The number of movies Will Smith appeared inr=0.6717yrsNo
Hot days in Berlinr=0.5317yrsNo

Popularity of the 'drake' meme also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Popularity of the first name Ariar=0.9617yrs406
Popularity of the first name Emersonr=0.9517yrs404
Gasoline pumped in Colombiar=0.9616yrs404
The number of social and community service managers in Massachusettsr=0.9517yrs386
Number of Lawyers in the United Statesr=0.9217yrs378
Biogen's stock price (BIIB)r=0.9518yrs376
Total views on The Game Theorists YouTube videosr=0.9115yrs374
Kerosene used in Bermudar=0.9516yrs373
GMO use in cottonr=0.9117yrs372
Annual US household spending on telephone servicesr=0.9217yrs371
Total Revenue of the NFL Teamsr=0.9315yrs370
Number of Walmart stores worldwider=0.9115yrs370
The distance between Saturn and Mercuryr=0.918yrs370
US average dairy skim-solid content of yogurt, nonfrozenr=0.9316yrs368
Automotive recalls for issues with the Electrical Systemr=0.917yrs368
US household spending on health insurancer=0.917yrs368
Portion of all US dairy skim-solids allocated to the production of dry milk products (net)r=0.9216yrs367
GMO use in corn grown in Kansasr=0.9318yrs360
GMO use in cotton in Georgiar=0.9517yrs358
Air quality in Columbus, Indianar=0.9418yrs358
The number of maintenance and repair workers in Washingtonr=0.9517yrs356
Air quality in Columbus, Indianar=0.9318yrs356
Restaurant spending in Arkansasr=0.9515yrs355
Popularity of the first name Gwendolynr=0.9517yrs344
US average dairy skim-solid content of yogurt, nonfrozenr=0.9216yrs337
Electricity generation in Cubar=0.9416yrs334
Popularity of the first name Calvinr=0.9417yrs332
GMO use in corn grown in North Dakotar=0.9118yrs326
Restaurant spending in Nevadar=0.9515yrs325
Air quality in Charleston, South Carolinar=0.9218yrs325
Fossil fuel use in Cubar=0.9416yrs324
The number of court and municipal clerks in Alaskar=0.9517yrs316
GMO use in corn grown in Minnesotar=0.918yrs315
Restaurant spending in Ohior=0.9515yrs315
Electricity generation in Equatorial Guinear=0.9416yrs314
The number of fashion designers in Californiar=0.9417yrs306
GMO use in corn grown in Missourir=0.918yrs305
Hydopower energy generated in Equatorial Guinear=0.9416yrs304
Restaurant spending in Alabamar=0.9415yrs304
Popularity of the first name Graysonr=0.9417yrs302
The number of statisticians in Massachusettsr=0.9417yrs296
GMO use in corn grown in Nebraskar=0.918yrs295
Electricity generation in Nigerr=0.9416yrs294
Restaurant spending in Colorador=0.9415yrs294
Popularity of the first name Clarkr=0.9417yrs292
The number of property association managers in Utahr=0.9517yrs286
GMO use in corn grown in Texasr=0.918yrs285
Restaurant spending in Georgiar=0.9415yrs284
Electricity generation in Burkina Fasor=0.9316yrs283
Popularity of the first name Jensenr=0.9417yrs282
The number of customer service representatives in Washingtonr=0.9517yrs276
Restaurant spending in Illinoisr=0.9415yrs274
Fossil fuel use in Burkina Fasor=0.9316yrs273
Popularity of the first name Beatricer=0.9417yrs272
Restaurant spending in Kentuckyr=0.9415yrs264
The number of industrial engineers in Californiar=0.9417yrs264
Popularity of the first name Orionr=0.9417yrs262
Restaurant spending in Louisianar=0.9415yrs254
The number of customer service representatives in Floridar=0.9417yrs254
Electricity generation in Gibraltarr=0.9316yrs253
Popularity of the first name Evelynr=0.9317yrs251
Restaurant spending in Massachusettsr=0.9415yrs244
The number of customer service representatives in Illinoisr=0.9417yrs244
Solar power generated in Greecer=0.9316yrs243
Popularity of the first name Sebastianr=0.9317yrs241
Restaurant spending in Michiganr=0.9415yrs234
Biomass power generated in Paraguayr=0.9316yrs233
Popularity of the first name Harrisonr=0.9317yrs231
Restaurant spending in Mississippir=0.9415yrs224
Electricity generation in Saudi Arabiar=0.9316yrs223
Popularity of the first name Kalir=0.9317yrs221
Fossil fuel use in Saudi Arabiar=0.9316yrs213
Popularity of the first name Romanr=0.9317yrs211
Restaurant spending in Oklahomar=0.9415yrs204
Popularity of the first name Leonardor=0.9317yrs201
Restaurant spending in Oregonr=0.9415yrs194
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Nicaraguar=0.9516yrs193
Popularity of the first name Norar=0.9317yrs191
Restaurant spending in South Carolinar=0.9415yrs184
Gasoline pumped in Palestinian Territoriesr=0.9516yrs183
Restaurant spending in Texasr=0.9415yrs164


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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