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Data source: Google Trends
Additional Info: Relative search volume is a unique Google thing; the shape of the chart is accurate but the actual numbers are meaningless.

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Popularity of the 'leeroy jenkins' meme correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Air pollution in Natchez, Mississippir=0.976yrsNo
The number of travel agents in Delawarer=0.9617yrsYes!
Kerosene used in Syriar=0.9516yrsNo
Kerosene used in United Statesr=0.917yrsNo
Total comments on LEMMiNO YouTube videosr=0.8812yrsYes!
Google searches for 'black holes'r=0.8718yrsYes!
The number of aerospace engineers in Washingtonr=0.713yrsNo
Solar power generated in Gambiar=-0.8916yrsNo

Popularity of the 'leeroy jenkins' meme also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
The number of prepress technicians and workers in Nebraskar=0.9617yrs387
How 'hip and with it' LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.959yrs374
Popularity of the first name Esperanzar=0.9217yrs370
Gasoline pumped in Serbiar=0.9316yrs370
Popularity of the first name Katrinar=0.9117yrs368
Kerosene used in El Salvadorr=0.9216yrs368
Popularity of the first name Tyrar=0.917yrs366
The number of environmental engineers in District of Columbiar=0.9417yrs354
The number of floral designers in Georgiar=0.9317yrs322
Motor vehicle thefts in Nevadar=0.8717yrs321
Air pollution in Baton Rouger=0.8518yrs318
Air pollution in Charleston, South Carolinar=0.8718yrs318
Air pollution in Tampa, Floridar=0.8718yrs318
The number of zoologists in New Jerseyr=0.9217yrs312
Electricity generation in Jamaicar=0.916yrs308
Popularity of the first name Betsyr=0.917yrs306
The number of pesticide handlers in Ohior=0.9317yrs302
Popularity of the first name Dakotar=0.8917yrs295
The number of sewing machine operators in Louisianar=0.9217yrs291
Robberies in Minnesotar=0.8517yrs288
Air pollution in Little Rock, Arkansasr=0.8618yrs286
Total views on PBS Space Time YouTube videosr=0.99yrs286
Popularity of the first name Carolinar=0.8917yrs285
Kerosene used in Cubar=0.8816yrs282
The number of hazardous materials removal workers in New Jerseyr=0.9217yrs281
Votes for Democratic Senators in New Mexicor=0.926yrs276
Popularity of the first name Fredr=0.8817yrs274
Jet fuel used in Syriar=0.8816yrs272
The number of sewing machine operators in Colorador=0.9117yrs270
The number of movies Ian Holm appeared inr=0.879yrs268
Air pollution in Monroe, Louisianar=0.8617yrs265
Popularity of the first name Maureenr=0.8717yrs262
The number of chemists in New Yorkr=0.9117yrs260
Divorce rates in the United Kingdomr=0.877yrs260
Number of articles Matt Levine published on Bloomberg on Fridaysr=0.8510yrs258
The number of tool and die makers in Rhode Islandr=0.9117yrs250
Popularity of the first name Peterr=0.8617yrs250
Popularity of the first name Devonter=0.8617yrs240
Votes for Democratic Senators in Nebraskar=0.886yrs240
The number of paper goods machine setters, operators, and tenders in New Hampshirer=0.917yrs238
Average views of SciShow Space YouTube videosr=0.8610yrs236
Popularity of the first name Shakirar=0.8617yrs230
Jet fuel used in Belizer=0.8616yrs230
Average length of LockPickingLawyer YouTube videosr=0.879yrs226
Kerosene used in Nepalr=0.8616yrs220
Air pollution in Oklahoma Cityr=0.917yrs220
How geeky LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.879yrs216
Air pollution in Natchez, Mississippir=0.936yrs210
The number of automotive body repairers in Michiganr=0.917yrs198
Google searches for 'cia hotline'r=0.8218yrs196
Google searches for 'Panama Canal'r=0.8418yrs196
National Lacrosse League Finalist Score Differencer=0.8117yrs190
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group's stock price (SMFG)r=0.8118yrs189
The number of prepress technicians and workers in Ohior=0.917yrs188
Air pollution in Georgetown, South Carolinar=0.8812yrs183
Motor vehicle thefts in Indianar=0.8417yrs182
The number of dietetic technicians in Rhode Islandr=0.917yrs178
GMO use in corn grown in South Dakotar=0.8218yrs178
GMO use in corn grown in Iowar=0.818yrs175
Wind power generated in Samoar=0.898yrs174
GMO use in cornr=-0.8818yrs173
Customer satisfaction with Nordstromr=-0.9315yrs170
xkcd comics published about existentialismr=0.7717yrs170
Air pollution in Americus, Georgiar=0.8611yrs169
The number of electrical power-line installers and repairers in New Mexicor=0.8917yrs166
Google searches for 'learn spanish'r=0.818yrs160
The number of millwrights in Ohior=0.8917yrs156
Google searches for 'panama canal'r=0.7918yrs149
Motor vehicle thefts in Idahor=0.8217yrs148
The number of surveyors in South Dakotar=0.8917yrs146
The number of fish and game wardens in Texasr=0.8917yrs136
Arson in Nevadar=0.817yrs136
The number of foresters in West Virginiar=0.8917yrs126
Motor vehicle theftsr=0.7617yrs120
Kerosene used in Bhutanr=0.8316yrs90
Popularity of the first name Thomasr=0.8517yrs84
Air pollution in Austinr=0.8318yrs80
Gasoline pumped in Albaniar=0.8216yrs78
Popularity of the first name Marinar=0.8517yrs74
Air pollution in Cape Coral, Floridar=0.8418yrs68
Popularity of the first name Gladysr=0.8517yrs64
Air quality in Santa Fe, New Mexicor=0.8318yrs56
Popularity of the first name Hannahr=0.8417yrs52
Air pollution in Florence, South Carolinar=0.8118yrs44
Popularity of the first name Kerryr=0.8417yrs42
Nuclear power generation in Romaniar=-0.916yrs38
Air pollution in Roanoke, Virginiar=0.8118yrs34
Popularity of the first name Octavior=0.8417yrs32
Petroluem consumption in Guamr=0.8216yrs28
Air pollution in Gulfport, Mississippir=0.8118yrs24
Popularity of the first name Tierar=0.8416yrs22
Petroluem consumption in Antarcticar=0.8116yrs17
Popularity of the first name Jericar=0.8417yrs12
Popularity of the first name Anar=0.8317yrs1


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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