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Data source: USDA
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Butter consumption correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Total likes of Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.9911yrsNo
Annual US household spending on fresh vegetablesr=0.9822yrsNo
Total comments on Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.9811yrsYes!
Google searches for 'i am dizzy'r=0.9818yrsNo
Solar power generated in Chiler=0.989yrsNo
Economic output of Washington metro arear=0.9821yrsYes!
Ticket prices at North American movie theatersr=0.9821yrsYes!
Wind power generated in United Statesr=0.9832yrsYes!
McDonald's stock price (MCD)r=0.9820yrsYes!
The number of market research analysts in Arizonar=0.9710yrsNo
Wind power generated in Francer=0.9729yrsNo
Votes for Libertarian Senators in Wisconsinr=0.977yrsYes!
Yum! Brands' stock price (YUM)r=0.9720yrsNo
Google searches for 'cold shower'r=0.9718yrsNo
Google searches for 'tummy ache'r=0.9718yrsNo
Biomass power generated in El Salvadorr=0.9732yrsYes!
Google searches for 'ice bath'r=0.9718yrsYes!
Popularity of the first name Milesr=0.9732yrsNo
The number of physician assistants in New Yorkr=0.9719yrsNo
Google searches for 'do i need to go to the doctor'r=0.9718yrsNo
Google searches for 'i have a headache'r=0.9718yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Germanyr=0.9731yrsYes!
The Coca-Cola Company's stock price (KO)r=0.9720yrsNo
Annual Revenue of the Lego Groupr=0.9619yrsNo
US GDP per capitar=0.9613yrsNo
Average number of comments on OverSimplified YouTube videosr=0.966yrsYes!
Total wind power generated globallyr=0.9632yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Czechiar=0.9622yrsYes!
Oracle's stock price (ORCL)r=0.9620yrsYes!
Canadian National Railway Company's stock price (CNI)r=0.9620yrsNo
Fossil fuel use in Vietnamr=0.9632yrsNo
The number of OSHA specialists in Colorador=0.9618yrsNo
Solar power generated in Spainr=0.9632yrsNo
The number of graphic designers in Washingtonr=0.9619yrsNo
Average length of The Game Theorists YouTube videosr=0.9613yrsNo
Electricity generation in Equatorial Guinear=0.9632yrsYes!
Eversource Energy's stock price (ES)r=0.9620yrsNo
The number of civil engineers in North Carolinar=0.9619yrsNo
Gasoline pumped in Cambodiar=0.9632yrsNo
Apple's annual net incomer=0.9517yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Lucianor=0.9532yrsNo
Wind power generated in United Kingdomr=0.9532yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Sudanr=0.9513yrsYes!
Associates degrees awarded in Mathematics and statisticsr=0.9511yrsNo
Biomass power generated in Brazilr=0.9532yrsNo
Biomass power generated in Indiar=0.9523yrsYes!
Realty Income's stock price (O)r=0.9520yrsYes!
Popularity of the first name Athenar=0.9532yrsNo
The number of paralegals in South Carolinar=0.9518yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Canadar=0.9530yrsNo
Google searches for 'how to go to space'r=0.9518yrsNo
Biomass power generated in Lithuaniar=0.9521yrsYes!
Novo Nordisk's stock price (NVO)r=0.9520yrsYes!
Google searches for 'i am tired'r=0.9518yrsNo
Wind power generated in Germanyr=0.9531yrsYes!
Cummins' stock price (CMI)r=0.9520yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Swedenr=0.9532yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Lithuaniar=0.9518yrsYes!
The number of financial services sales agents in New Yorkr=0.9519yrsNo
Biomass power generated in Slovakiar=0.9529yrsYes!
Total Revenue of the NFL Teamsr=0.9420yrsYes!
Dollar Tree's stock price (DLTR)r=0.9420yrsYes!
Google's annual advertising revenuer=0.9421yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Belgiumr=0.9432yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Bangladeshr=0.9425yrsYes!
Nuclear power generation in Chinar=0.9430yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Turkiyer=0.9424yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Latviar=0.9326yrsYes!
HDFC Bank's stock price (HDB)r=0.9320yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Luxembourgr=0.9321yrsYes!
The price of goldr=0.9325yrsNo
Renewable energy production in Australiar=0.9332yrsNo
Fossil fuel use in Rwandar=0.9332yrsYes!
Geothermal power generated in Kenyar=0.9332yrsYes!
Geothermal power generated in Germanyr=0.9318yrsYes!
Wind power generated in New Zealandr=0.9330yrsYes!
Biomass power generated in Sri Lankar=0.9317yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Moroccor=0.9322yrsYes!
Ulta Beauty's stock price (ULTA)r=0.9214yrsYes!
Biomass power generated in Polandr=0.9232yrsYes!
The number of veterinarians in Floridar=0.9219yrsNo
BlackRock's stock price (BLK)r=0.9220yrsYes!
Robberies in North Dakotar=0.9232yrsYes!
Popularity of the 'red pill blue pill' memer=0.9216yrsNo
The number of epidemiologists in Colorador=0.9216yrsYes!
Monster Beverage's stock price (MNST)r=0.9220yrsYes!
Illumina's stock price (ILMN)r=0.9220yrsYes!
The number of logisticians in Utahr=0.9218yrsYes!
SAP SE's stock price (SAP)r=0.9220yrsNo
Google searches for 'who is jk rowling'r=0.9218yrsNo
Salesforce's stock price (CRM)r=0.9217yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Czechiar=0.9229yrsYes!
The Walt Disney Company's stock price (DIS)r=0.9120yrsYes!
Automotive recalls for issues with the Electrical Systemr=0.9132yrsYes!
Biomass power generated in Mozambiquer=0.9122yrsYes!
Humana's stock price (HUM)r=0.9120yrsYes!
Biomass power generated in Romaniar=0.9130yrsYes!
Total length of Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.9111yrsYes!
Number of firearms manufactured in the USr=0.9132yrsNo
The number of septic tank servicers and sewer pipe cleaners in Virginiar=0.9119yrsYes!
Royal Bank of Canada's stock price (RY)r=0.9120yrsYes!
Intercontinental Exchange's stock price (ICE)r=0.9116yrsYes!
Republic Services' stock price (RSG)r=0.9120yrsYes!
Equinix's stock price (EQIX)r=0.9119yrsYes!
Mastercard's stock price (MA)r=0.915yrsYes!
Deere & Company's stock price (DE)r=0.920yrsYes!
The average number of likes on OverSimplified YouTube videosr=0.96yrsYes!
Renewable energy production in Burundir=0.8932yrsYes!
AvalonBay Communities' stock price (AVB)r=0.8820yrsYes!
Albemarle's stock price (ALB)r=0.8820yrsYes!
The number of lawyers in New Mexicor=0.8719yrsYes!
Automotive recalls issued by Mercedes-Benz USAr=0.8532yrsYes!
Hydopower energy generated in Pakistanr=0.8532yrsNo
Quanta Services' stock price (PWR)r=0.8520yrsYes!
Infosys' stock price (INFY)r=0.8420yrsYes!
Southern Copper's stock price (SCCO)r=0.8320yrsYes!
Global shipwrecks r=0.8325yrsYes!
Automotive recalls issued by Hyundai Motor Americar=0.8232yrsYes!
Electricity generation in Palestinian Territoriesr=0.8121yrsYes!
Air quality in York, Pennsylvaniar=0.8132yrsYes!
The number of merchandise displayers and window trimmers in Alaskar=0.8119yrsYes!
The number of fashion designers in Washingtonr=0.7719yrsNo
Jet fuel used in Lithuaniar=0.7730yrsNo
Google searches for 'hail damage on roof'r=0.7517yrsNo
Ticket sales for Washington Nationals gamesr=0.7430yrsYes!
The number of bridge and lock tenders in Texasr=0.7419yrsYes!
The number of archivists in Kansasr=0.7116yrsNo
UFO sightings in Mainer=0.6732yrsNo
Number of Scooby Doo direct-to-video films releasedr=0.6524yrsYes!
Global Permanent Nuclear Reactor Shutdownsr=0.5617yrsYes!
Arson in Mississippir=-0.7232yrsNo

Butter consumption also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Total comments on SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9615yrs431
Renewable energy production in Belgiumr=0.9832yrs426
Total renewable energy production globallyr=0.9732yrs425
U.S. direct investment abroadr=0.9722yrs415
US Wind Power Generation Capacityr=0.9822yrs415
Microsoft's Worldwide Earningsr=0.9720yrs412
Cost to send a letter via the USPSr=0.9616yrs412
Global annual electricity generationr=0.9817yrs410
Adidas Group's Global Net Salesr=0.9522yrs408
Revenue of US Broadcasting Industryr=0.9617yrs407
Number of Public Library Members in the UKr=0.9612yrs404
Global Net Sales for Walmartr=0.9516yrs404
The distance between Neptune and Uranusr=0.9632yrs404
Popularity of the first name Asherr=0.9832yrs404
Popularity of the first name Elsier=0.9832yrs404
Annual US household spending on fresh fruitsr=0.9922yrs396
Electricity generation in Angolar=0.9732yrs395
GMO use in cottonr=0.9622yrs395
Annual US household spending on fruits and vegetablesr=0.9822yrs395
Unilever's stock price (UL)r=0.9620yrs390
Total length of The Game Theorists YouTube videosr=0.9513yrs388
Electricity generation in Bangladeshr=0.9732yrs385
Average number of comments on Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.9611yrs377
Fossil fuel use in Bangladeshr=0.9732yrs375
Popularity of the first name Felixr=0.9732yrs372
Crown Castle's stock price (CCI)r=0.9620yrs370
Renewable energy production in Chinar=0.9732yrs365
Popularity of the first name Charlier=0.9732yrs362
Cognizant Technology Solutions' stock price (CTSH)r=0.9620yrs360
Popularity of the first name Bennettr=0.9732yrs352
W.W. Grainger's stock price (GWW)r=0.9620yrs350
Paypal's Number of Active Registered User Accountsr=0.9612yrs347
Hydopower energy generated in Ethiopiar=0.9732yrs345
Popularity of the first name Jasperr=0.9732yrs342
Average number of comments on SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9415yrs338
Electricity generation in Sudanr=0.9732yrs335
Popularity of the first name Hudsonr=0.9732yrs332
Total likes of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9315yrs326
Electricity generation in Vietnamr=0.9732yrs325
Google searches for 'reddit'r=0.9514yrs324
Popularity of the first name Coltr=0.9732yrs322
Total length of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9315yrs316
Google searches for 'restaurant near me'r=0.9711yrs314
Popularity of the first name Elianar=0.9732yrs312
WEC Energy Group's stock price (WEC)r=0.9520yrs308
The average number of likes on MrBeast's YouTube videosr=0.9610yrs306
Fossil fuel use in Algeriar=0.9632yrs304
Popularity of the first name Arir=0.9732yrs302
Church & Dwight Co.'s stock price (CHD)r=0.9520yrs298
Popularity of the first name Roycer=0.9732yrs292
Digital Realty Trust's stock price (DLR)r=0.9617yrs287
Fossil fuel use in Equatorial Guinear=0.9632yrs284
Popularity of the first name Delilahr=0.9732yrs282
Popularity of the first name Camilar=0.9732yrs272
Fossil fuel use in Malir=0.9632yrs264
Popularity of the first name Emeryr=0.9732yrs262
Biomass power generated in Nicaraguar=0.9632yrs254
Popularity of the first name Adar=0.9732yrs252
Fossil fuel use in Omanr=0.9632yrs244
Popularity of the first name Willowr=0.9732yrs242
Electricity generation in Qatarr=0.9632yrs234
Popularity of the first name Henryr=0.9632yrs230
Popularity of the first name Levir=0.9632yrs220
Union Pacific's stock price (UNP)r=0.9420yrs217
Popularity of the first name Ameliar=0.9632yrs210
Diageo's stock price (DEO)r=0.9420yrs207


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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